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Asian Art Museum


This is the Palace of St. Michael and St. George, the oldest structure of English Domination, which today hosts the Museum of Asian art. The Museum's collection began to gather in 1927, with the primary contribution of Gregory Manos with 10,500 pieces. The Museum hosts 4 permanent collections, which elaborately, nevertheless with digital media, appoint the greatness of Sino-Japanese art.

The collections

The Museum consists of four permanent collections. These include exhibits of Chinese art, Japanese art and the art of Southeast and Central Asia. Both the exhibits and the history illustrated on their aspects highlight the diverse Asian culture, while welcome guests to a "strangely” unique world.

Traditional objects

Chinese porcelain and brass works, coins and pottery depict Chinese history, combining the noble with the ordinary people. From the 6th century BC, Japanese works, such as folding screens, masterpieces of engraving and woodcuts from the 17th century, realise a journey through time, which prevail the ideas of Japanese lifestyle. Finally, objects of nomads of Central Asia and worship objects of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism add to the magnificence of the Collections.

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