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Casa Parlante


The Museum which speaks

“The museum which speaks” welcomes you to a majestic experience of a journey back to 19th century, while it transfers you to the royal every-day life of the Corfiot nobles. The Count is welcoming visitors in his old manor house, which with the faithful and elaborate decoration promises to awaken the senses and create a nostalgic sense for the past.

A journey through time

This is the authentic portrayal and revival of the everyday life of aristocrats, which brought elements of influence by the Venetians, the English and the French conquerors. The Museum is located in the Old Town of Corfu, on the famous street thanks to the philharmonic bands and close to the green square "Spianada". The Museum consists of 10 rooms, which are decorated by masterly creations, while those are reactivated through Robotics technology. It is about a worth-visiting museum with which the progression of Corfiot history is outlined and justified.

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